Eliminate Cybersecurity Risk

Blueside are a highly trained and experienced cybersecurity team skilled in securing organisations against the ongoing and damaging threats posed by the modern day hacker.

We assess risk, build effective strategy and execute cybersecurity plans geared to strengthen your security posture.

Our Services
  • GRC
    • Risk Assessment
    • Audit Readiness
    • Security Program Development
    • Business Continuity Planning
  • Security Operations
    • Secure SDLC
    • Systems Hardening
    • Logging & Monitoring
    • Backup & Recovery
  • Security Solutions
    • SIEM
    • Intrusion Detection Systems
    • End-point Security Solutions
    • Identity & Access Management
Recent projects
  • Telematics penetration test & design review
    This was a thorough test of device hardware and review of the telematics ecosystem to ensure that the telematics system could not be compromised.
  • SOC2 compliance readiness
    An analysis of the organisation’s current security posture was performed, a security control roadmap was developed and controls were deployed to ensure that the organisation could meet the ongoing security metrics required for SOC2 Type 2 attestation.
  • Site reliability engineering (SRE) practice advisory
    The organisation was looking for assistance in developing strong SRE practices and instantiating a robust SRE practice.
  • SaaS penetration test
    A thorough test to ensure that malicious users could not breach or abuse the SaaS, giving the organisation confidence that their service remains operational and their customer data is safe. This included a test of controls published in guidelines by OWASP and NIST.
  • High performance computing (HPC) environment hardening
    Establishing new capabilities and uplifting the overall security posture of development environments that drive HPC workloads.
  • API penetration testing
    This large financial institution embarked on a rebuild of their aging mainframe software, requiring ongoing penetration testing as services were developed.
About us

When talking with penetration testers you’ll hear a common complaint—many organisations struggle to maintain a strong cybersecurity posture and testers find the same obvious issues test after test.

We agree, and after many years in the trenches of system administration, digital delivery and cloud migrations we felt we were well placed to help solve that problem.

Businesses are focused on improving their offerings while navigating the ever changing technology landscape such as cloud, containers and IoT. As new internet facing services hit the market, they’re exposed to a vast and rapidly changing cyber-attack world.

Blueside was launched to address the cybersecurity needs of businesses through well informed threat discovery and assessment, best fit solution deployment and automation.

We are a passionate, supportive team of cybersecurity engineers who love immersing ourselves in the offensive techniques and defensive challenges of cybersecurity. We pride ourselves on continuous learning and improvement and we believe that this leads to outstanding cybersecurity defense for the organisations we work with.